As a professional contractor, you prefer to build right the first time and minimize liability down the road.

What makes Kickout Flashing the right choice?

  • heavy-­duty aluminum 3003 alloy (0.040” thick!)
  • welded to create a strong, permanent and watertight joint which is far superior to a field ­formed kickout that is sealed with caulking
  • works on any roof pitch
  • will not deteriorate like plastic flashing
  • our powder­ coated aluminum will not break down due to alkali hydroxides from concrete materials
  • available in a wide variety of super durable, powder ­coated colors
  • our satin-finished colors blend well with gutter and fascia
  • available in uncoated aluminum for extra savings

Damage caused by not installing kickout flashing. (photo courtesy of Mark Parlee, The Building Consultant)

Do you need to repair damage caused by moisture infiltration where kickout flashing wasn’t originally installed? We highly recommend our Kickout Flashing for any remodeling work.

Do you oversee multiple housing construction for a municipality, or do you design similar work for new residential construction? Select the “Kickout Flashing Specs” icon and the “Kickout Flashing Section Views” icon on this page for sample construction specifications and sectional views.

Kickout Flashing is manufactured by PBZ LLC in Lancaster County, Pa. We’ve taken knowledge gained from years of metal manufacturing and developed a long-term solution that minimizes future liability at a remarkably low cost.

Meets and exceeds ENERGY STAR Version 3 National Program Requirements for Water Management.

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