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Kickout Flashing Pricing 

Retail Price Per Case/Piece
  $935 / $18.70  $1,107.50 / $22.15

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Quantity Ordered 

Price Per Case/ Piece


Price Per Case/ Piece

1-15 Cases  $654.50 / $13.09 $830.50 / $16.61
16-30 Cases  $562.50 / $11.25 $775.03 / $15.50
31-44 Cases $512.47 / $10.25 $712.45 / $14.25
45+ Cases  $474.98 / $9.50 $650 / $13.00
  • Full cases consist of 50 pieces of kickout flashing of the same color and mounting direction (left or right). When ordering more than one case, each case can be the color and mounting direction of your choice. 
  • Shipping charges in the continental US are included in volume discount pricing! 
  • Call in or email your order to receive these special kickout flashing prices..

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact PaulB Hardware contractor sales at 717-738-7350 x271

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Why Use Kickout Flashing?

Omitting kickout flashing often leads to major damage behind the exterior cladding. Our Kickout Flashing diverts the water at the roof eave away from the wall and into the gutter, protecting your reputation and avoiding expensive future repairs.

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Kickout flashing installed along a roof of a stone home

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