Kickout Flashing for the Roofing Industry

As a professional roofer, you know the importance of proper installation. With the rainwater, snow and wind roofs have to withstand on a regular basis, attention to detail is critical. Kickout flashing is a small but essential aspect of a home’s roof that’s often forgotten. These small pieces of metal ensure your roof installation doesn’t cause major water damage to a home.

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Why You Need Kickout Flashing

Kickout flashing is an important addition to any home. As a roofing company, you should include this flashing in every project for several reasons.

Meet Building Codes

The International Residential Code (IRC) has required kickout flashing on homes since 2009. As a professional roofer, meeting these building codes is essential for remaining compliant and maintaining your trustworthy reputation.

Generally, kickout flashing needs to be installed where a roof slope intersects with a wall to divert the flow to the gutters. Building codes by state may also have requirements for kickout flashing. These building codes can clarify how long the kickout flashing needs to be and what circumstances require it.

Prevent Rot

When water runs off the roof into an intersecting wall repeatedly, it can cause major structural damage. This water damage is often hard to notice as it builds up. It can seep into brick and siding to drywall, causing water damage inside and out. The buildup of water can also lead to interior mold that’s unsafe for homeowners to live with.

It can take years for this damage to occur, but kickout flashing can prevent it from happening. Including this flashing in your roofing project will protect your clients and the longevity of their homes.

Protect Your Reputation

Your roof causing a rotted wall won’t speak well for your trustworthiness as a company. If a client discovers that the rot on their home is the result of your roof installation, you might face negative reviews and calls from customers who need your work redone under warranty. Installing kickout flashing from the beginning can prevent this problem and keep your reputation positive.

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“We are a NJ based roofing and siding company and have been a business partner with PBZ for 8 years now. PBZ has always provided top notch service from the ease of ordering to their fast delivery times. We will continue to be partners with PBZ and look forward to broadening our partnership as both our companies grow.”

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“Their people are all very friendly and helpful. This place could teach the big box stores a thing or two about customer services! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!  “

Kickout flashing installed along a roof above a window

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“I absolutely love this product! It’s made a huge difference in my life and I don’t know what I would do without it. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a solution to repair damage caused by moisture infiltration – don’t wait!”

Kickout flashing installed along a roof above a window

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Our Kickout Flashing Products

Kickout Flashing by PBZ offers two high-performance products for your next roofing project. Choose from:

Powder-Coated Kickout Flashing 

The durable powder coating on this product offers superior longevity with an attractive satin finish. We carry four colors to help you complement the homes you’re working on, and the flashing is compatible with any roof pitch. The heavy-duty aluminum design features a watertight welded joint for improved performance compared to a caulked seal.  

Uncoated Aluminum Kickout Flashing

Our uncoated kickout flashing features the same heavy-duty aluminum as our powder-coated product. The uncoated aluminum design provides savings while offering excellent durability compared to plastic flashing. This product will not deteriorate over time, and it features a watertight, welded joint for lasting durability.

Kickout Flashing by PBZ is a reliable provider of durable diverter flashing. We want your roofing company to install roofs with complete water protection in mind, and our kickout flashing makes it possible. Inquire today to learn more about our products.

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