Kickout Flashing for the Construction Industry

When you work in construction, you know that every detail in a project supports the longevity of the build. Kickout flashing is a detail that’s often overlooked, but it should appear in every project to protect the walls and the integrity of your work as a company.

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Why Your Team Needs Kickout Flashing

The kickout flashing detail is crucial to prevent water from infiltrating the wall assembly by diverting it away from the roof and walls.

Protect Your Walls

The intersection between the end of a roof and a wall can be a vulnerable part of a building. Without kickout flashing, water from the roof repeatedly hits the same spot on the wall, leading to major structural damage over time. This water buildup can go unnoticed for years, but it can seep into siding through to the drywall, causing rot and mold. Eventually, these walls need to be completely replaced.

Your construction team puts in weeks of labor and thousands of dollars in materials to build homes and other buildings. Kickout flashing protects the time and financial investment you put into your building projects by preventing this damaging water buildup.

Meet Building Codes

While kickout flashing is often forgotten, the International Residential Code (IRS) requires it on homes. This requirement has existed since 2009, and you should abide by this code as a professional construction company. Building codes for each state often detail the requirement for kickout flashing as well.

As a rule, kickout flashing needs to be installed anywhere where a roof slope intersects with a wall. The flashing will divert water flow from the roof into the gutters to prevent water buildup. You can refer to the IRC R093. 2.1 for more information on when installation is required and how these flashing pieces must be designed.

Safeguard Your Reputation

Ultimately, kickout flashing helps you create a higher-quality building. When you forgo kickout flashing and your client experiences wall damage, you might face negative reviews for your business. Your client might also contact you looking for complimentary repair services to fix your mistake. Using kickout flashing from the beginning helps you maintain a positive reputation and build a solid rapport with your clients.

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“We are a NJ based roofing and siding company and have been a business partner with PBZ for 8 years now. PBZ has always provided top notch service from the ease of ordering to their fast delivery times. We will continue to be partners with PBZ and look forward to broadening our partnership as both our companies grow.”

Kickout flashing installed along a roof above a window

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“Their people are all very friendly and helpful. This place could teach the big box stores a thing or two about customer services! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!  “

Kickout flashing installed along a roof above a window

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“I absolutely love this product! It’s made a huge difference in my life and I don’t know what I would do without it. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a solution to repair damage caused by moisture infiltration – don’t wait!”

Kickout flashing installed along a roof above a window

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Our Kickout Flashing Products

Kickout Flashing by PBZ offers two types of flashing, including:

Powder-Coated Kickout Flashing: 

Our powder-coated flashing has a heavy-duty aluminum base. The durable power coating offers impressive longevity and a fine satin finish. With four colors to choose from, you can complement the home you’re building. This product is compatible with any roof pitch and features a watertight welded join for long-lasting performance.

Uncoated Aluminum Kickout Flashing: 

Our uncoated aluminum flashing offers cost savings without the powder-coated finish. The heavy-duty aluminum and welded joints offer excellent longevity, especially when compared to plastic flashing.

You need reliable kickout flashing to support the longevity of your construction project —  and that’s exactly what you’ll get from Kickout Flashing by PBZ. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our kickout flashing.

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