Uncoated Aluminum Kickout Flashing

Aluminum kickout flashing for the left side of a roof
Aluminum kickout flashing for the left side of a roof
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Uncoated Aluminum Kickout Flashing

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Kickout Flashing is made entirely of heavy-duty aluminum 3003 alloy, outlasting various plastic products on the market.

Available in 1 color:
Orientation: LEFT
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If the wall is to the right of the roof, choose the RIGHT flashing, if the wall is to the left, choose LEFT. (This orientation is based on standing at ground level looking up at the roof.)

Aluminum Kickout Flashing

A roof protects a home’s interior from rain, snow and ice. Every roof has weak points, notably in the areas where it meets the walls. These vulnerabilities necessitate extra protection in those areas to keep moisture from seeping in and damaging the walls.

Aluminum kickout flashing provides that extra layer of protection. It’s a must-have for builders and remodelers who want to ensure their work lasts. 

Kickout Flashing is made entirely of heavy-duty aluminum 3003 alloy, outlasting various plastic products on the market. Volume discounts are available by using our contact form or calling 717-436-2056.

  • works on any roof pitch
  • welded to create a strong, permanent and watertight joint which is far superior to a field ­formed kickout that is sealed with caulking
  • will not deteriorate like plastic flashing
  • heavy-­duty aluminum 3003 alloy (0.040” thick!)
  • manufactured with powder coating that is compliant with AAMA 2604 standards
  • uncoated aluminum offers extra savings

Benefits of Aluminum Kickout Flashing

As a construction professional, you depend on your reputation. The homes you construct need to withstand the elements without taking excessive damage. Aluminum kickout flashing is a cost-effective and simple way to protect your reputation and secure repeat and ongoing business. 

The flashing keeps water from running along the home’s walls. As a result, installing flashing during a construction or remodeling project often saves you from making costly repairs later. 

The rain diverter’s all-metal, aluminum construction means that kickout flashing is built to last. Plastic flashing can deteriorate after years of sun and water exposure. Aluminum won’t break down, become brittle or crack once installed. The flashing works on all types of roof pitches and is available in both right and left-side configurations. It’s the flexible, durable option you need to protect your buildings from water damage.

Kickout flashing is available in several powder-coated finishes and a range of colors to match various roof and fascia styles. It’s also available without coatings for a more cost-effective option. 

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 10 in

What Is Aluminum Kickout Diverter Flashing?

Aluminum kickout flashing is a thin piece of metal that directs water away from a home’s walls. The flashing is shaped like an “L” and welded together to create a watertight joint. Since it’s made from aluminum, kickout flashing can withstand years of exposure to rain, snow and the sun’s ultraviolet rays without deteriorating. 

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How Aluminum Rain Diverter Flashing Is Used

Without kickout flashing, water can flow beyond the gutter, seeping down along the siding. Over time, the water causes moisture damage and creates an ideal environment for mold. Aluminum rain diverter flashing directs rainwater or melting snow into the gutters along the edge of a roof. This piece is installed at a junction of the lower roof line and a vertical wall. 

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