Is Kickout Flashing Required by Code?

September 26, 2023

Water damage accumulating over an extended period can lead to a roof’s early demise. In many cases, the homeowner isn’t aware of the issue until it’s too late and the roof requires extensive repairs or a total replacement. 

Kickout flashing is an important but often overlooked roofing component that helps to prevent water damage. Professional roofers can install this thin material at eaves and around structures like vents, skylights and chimneys. These flashings divert water from walls and into the gutters before it can penetrate the exterior cladding. 

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When is kickout flashing required?
Where is kickout flashing required?
Does the kickout flashing code apply to all types of roofing projects?

When Is Kickout Flashing Required?

When Is Kickout Flashing Required?

Kickout flashing code requirements have evolved over more than two decades. In 2000, the International Residential Code (IRC) first addressed the need to install flashings at roof and wall openings and in areas where the roof’s slope or direction changed. However, the code did not specifically reference kickout flashing. 

In 2009, the updated IRC stated that kickout or diverter flashing must be installed to divert water from where an eave intersects with a vertical sidewall. Under the code, flashing installation should occur at a 110-degree angle and extend at least 4 inches up the sidewall. Establishing a sharper angle could trap debris or allow an ice dam to form in winter, resulting in a potentially damaging water backup.

Where Is Kickout Flashing Required?

The IRC technically applies to all one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses up to three stories. Exceptions exist in many areas, so check with your local building department to determine whether the need to install kickout flashing applies to your project.

Does the Kickout Flashing Code Apply to All Types of Roofing Projects?

The kickout flashing requirements specifically apply to roofs on new structures and additions, not replacement projects. However, many roofing professionals fail to install kickout flashing, an essential product, either because they are unaware of the requirement or don’t recognize the importance of kickout flashing.

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