Why Vinyl Siding Needs Kickout Flashing

September 26, 2023

Vinyl siding is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Once it’s in place, it doesn’t require painting or extensive maintenance. These qualities make it an excellent choice for many homeowners, but every material has its downsides.

While vinyl siding is waterproof and directs most of the water flow from rain or snow away from the home’s exterior, even a small gap can allow water to seep through. The result can be extensive damage behind the roof’s exterior cladding. Using kickout flashing with vinyl siding can prevent this situation from occurring. 

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What Is Kickout Flashing?

What Is Kickout Flashing?

Kickout flashing is a thin material designed to divert water away from the eaves and other essential roofing structures. It also redirects water in areas where the roof plane enjoins a vertical surface like a dormer or wall. Professional roofers often install it surrounding specific features like skylights, chimneys and vents to reduce the risk of extensive water penetration. 

Can Kickout Flashing Be Used on Vinyl Siding?

This type of flashing is compatible with most roofing and siding materials, including vinyl. When installed properly, vinyl siding kickout flashing will divert water from the eaves and into the gutters, allowing it to flow freely and harmlessly through the downspouts. 

Installing kickout flashing for vinyl siding is also important from the perspective of code compliance. The International Residential Code has made it a requirement on all new homes and additions constructed since 2009.

Kickout Flashing by PBZ

Kickout Flashing by PBZ is your one-stop headquarters for high-quality kickout flashing to protect and preserve your home’s roof and vinyl siding. Our product consists of heavy-duty TIG-welded 3003 aluminum that won’t become brittle and crack. It works on any roof pitch to create a strong, permanent and watertight joint without caulking.

Our kickout flashing is available with a powder-coated satin finish in your choice of four attractive colors — bronze, black, tan and white — to blend seamlessly with your home’s fascia and gutters. An uncoated aluminum option is also available at a lower price. Bulk order discounts are available as well.

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As part of the Paul B. Zimmerman, Inc. family of companies, Kickout Flashing by PBZ delivers quality and expertise you can count on. Learn more about the benefits of using kickout flashing for vinyl siding installation projects. Contact us for more information and to request a quote today.

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