What Is a Rain Diverter?

March 15, 2024

Depending on the type of structure and its features, installing roof rain diverters can help protect a property from harmful water damage. By diverting rainwater away from areas like doorways, windows or vulnerable sections on the roof, these devices help prevent water from seeping into the walls and causing rot, mold or structural damage. Their functionality is essential for maintaining the integrity of a building and prolonging its life span.

In areas with heavy rainfall or frequent storms, rain diverters become critical for managing excess water and preventing potential water damage. Besides protecting the structure, rain diverters help ensure people can enter and exit buildings without getting wet or contending with slippery surfaces. This benefit is significant in commercial settings where businesses want to provide customers with a welcoming and safe environment.

What Does a Rain Diverter Do?

The primary function of a rain diverter is to capture rainwater and redirect it away from a specific area. Roofers, contractors and builders typically install water diverter flashing on a roof or near a door where water tends to accumulate or cause inconvenience.

Roof flashing rain diverters are designed with a sloping surface that guides the rainwater as it falls. Installers specifically position the diverter to redirect the water toward a desired location. The final destination can be a gutter, a downspout or a designated area on the ground where the water doesn’t cause harm to the building.

How Kickout Flashing by PBZ Can Help

Kickout flashing by PBZ is a specific type of rain diverter that builders install at the intersection of a sloping roof and a vertical wall. Its primary purpose is to redirect water flowing down the roof away from the wall and into the gutter system. Installers position the water diverter flashing at the lower end of the roof slope and extend it outward, resembling a small ramp or kick. 

We offer TIG-welded kickout flashing made from heavy-duty 3003 aluminum alloy, meaning it won’t crack or become brittle in the field. In addition, kickout flashing by PBZ is available in various powder-coated colors that blend well with gutters and fascia. We also offer bulk order discounts and options in uncoated aluminum for additional cost savings.

Our kickout flashing provides builders with a high-quality and long-lasting solution. When you don’t use roof flashing to divert water, and your clients experience structural damage, it can tarnish your company’s reputation and potentially cost your business significant revenue. More importantly, the International Residential Code (IRC) requires flashing on all homes.

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