How Stucco Walls Can Benefit From Kickout Flashing

November 21, 2023

Ensuring wall durability and aesthetic appeal in the construction industry is crucial. Stucco, a revered choice among architects and builders, boasts unique properties. To preserve its integrity, especially against water damage, Kickout Flashing by PBZ has the expertise you need. Let’s show you how stucco walls can benefit from kickout flashing.

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Shielding stucco with kickout flashing
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Is Kickout Flashing Required for Stucco?

Yes, stucco walls need kickout flashing. Kickout flashing is also required by International Residential Code (IRC) code for certain dwellings.

Shielding Stucco With Kickout Flashing Solutions

Stucco needs special care, so how do we protect it best? Here is how we can help you safeguard stucco walls:

  • Water drainage: This considers the average annual rainfall of a location, the roof’s slope and the size of the overhang. 
  • Absorption rate: Stucco with minimal flashing can absorb water, causing the material to degrade or develop mold growth.
  • Durability and life span: Installing kickout flashing can extend the life span of stucco by preventing water damage. 
  • Cost savings: There can be a significant difference between the cost of preventative installation of kickout flashing and extensive stucco repairs.
  • Energy efficiency: Stucco acts as an insulator. However, when water infiltrates it, it compromises the property, increasing heating or cooling costs. 
  • How Kickout Flashing Protects Stucco Walls

    With their unique texture and aesthetic appeal, stucco walls are susceptible to water damage, especially at roof intersections. That’s where our kickout flashing steps in to divert water away from walls. Our company, backed by years of industry expertise, offers a resilient aluminum and tungsten inert gas (TIG)-welded kickout flashing that won’t become brittle. We’re committed to delivering a product and ensuring stucco walls’ longevity and beauty. Partnering with us means investing in your construction’s future.

    Maximizing Stucco With Kickout Flashing Benefits

    Embrace the transformative effects of kickout flashing on stucco, such as:

    • Aesthetic preservation: The pristine beauty of stucco is a homeowner’s pride. Kickout Flashing ensures the appearance remains free from water stains.
    • Versatility: Our uniquely crafted aluminum flashing, made with precision and care, integrates seamlessly with various stucco designs. 
    • Peace of mind: Investing in kickout flashing alleviates potential damage especially during unpredictable weather, ensuring your stucco walls remain protected.

    Our Kickout Flashing for Stucco Options

    Our solutions stand out for their exceptional performance in safeguarding stucco with the following:

    • Aluminum kickout flashing: Crafted meticulously from durable aluminum, this resists cracking. It is ideal for stucco walls. Its design ensures efficient water diversion, ensuring your stucco remains in-tact.
    • Powder-coated kickout flashing: Elevate your stucco protection with our powder-coated variant. It provides the same reliable defense against water intrusion. Its powder coating also offers an aesthetic finish.
    • Trust Kickout Flashing by PBZ to Protect Your Stucco Walls

      We at Kickout Flashing by PBZ have been pioneers in safeguarding stucco walls from the harshest elements for decades with AAMA 2604 compliant excellence. As seasoned experts in the field, we know how to extend the life of your stucco. Don’t leave your property’s resilience to chance. Reach out today to request a free estimate and learn about our bulk discounts.

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